The Downfall of the Republican party

November 2, 2008
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What happened to the Republican party?

A great nation requires great leaders and great leaders are nourished on great thoughts. The smallness of the McCain campaign, give real Americans good reason not to vote Republican.

Sad emails sent by some McCain followers show the Republican Party has so degenerated it now has to rely on empty headed gobbledygook to get voters who can’t see through it to vote against their own best interests.

America is basically a conservative nation; but apart from the campaign trail, the Republican Party no longer represents what real conservatism is about. At election time, Republicans babble on about fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, and respect for the US constitution; but when do they deliver?

That Emperor has no clothes.

The last time the Republicans had a balanced budget was in the 1950s under Dwight D. Eisenhower. The last time the Democrats had a balanced budget was under Bill Clinton’s last year in office.

They are dangerous to national security.

Between January 2001 and 9//11, Richard Clark, the White House counterterrorism czar, sent George W. Bush 51 different memos trying to get him to wake up to the dangers of bin Laden and al-Qaeda. W, who spent more than 40 percent of his first 8 months on vacation, simply ignored them and the other serious warnings he was given. Though there was plenty of information available concerning the danger approaching this country, those who were working on it could not get Bush to wake up and respond. If he had simply been doing his job, there would have been no need to so monstrously increase the size of government as the Republicans have during Bush’s two terms. The socialist expansion of big government under Bush has not made America any safer. A terrorist can still stroll in through our southern border most any day they want.

Anyone who has studied Afghanistan’s 2001 Battle of Tora Bora knows that it looks suspiciously like Bush’s Republican administration let bin Laden escape so they would have reason to continue a phony ‘War on Terror’.

Bush’s Republican administration also ignored the large number of terrorism experts and other patriotic Americans who tried to keep them from wasting American lives, treasure, and resources in Iraq; only to leave our position in the world worse off. Worse than ignore; they actually created a ‘Special Projects’ department within the DOD whose job it was to manufacture preposterous nonsense about Iraq for Congress and the gullible, mostly Republican, public to swallow. The reputation of the Presidents office has been greatly damaged in the eyes of our allies and the rest of the world by the Bush administrations lack of integrity.

Real conservatives love this country. They would never waste America military resources and credibility on a war like Iraq, where our president choose to attack a nation that had absolutely nothing to do with September 11 because he thought an easy war would make him more popular.

Just what is it America is supposed to gain by ‘winning’ in Iraq? You want to believe we did it for ‘democracy’! Right now, the Sunnis are preparing a 200,000 man army in order to fight the Shia for control once we decide we have ‘won’ and leave their country. The Iraqi Shia, however, outnumber the Iraqi Sunni 3 to 1 and will ally with Iran and turn the region over to the ayatollahs as soon as we are out of the picture.

If our genius Republican leadership was so determined to help the Iranian fundamentalists take over the entire Shia region, was it necessary that to use up as much money as America spent on World War II to accomplish that handover? Or if so, why didn’t our Republican screw-up-in-chief just burrow the $3 trillion from China and give it directly to Amadinajad? That way he would have saved 4,000+ patriotic American military lives along with the arms, legs and skulls of some 30,000+ good soldiers and marines, and would not have been directly responsible for the deaths of 100,000 Iraqi’s, the indirect deaths of 1,000,000 more Iraqis and the destroyed homes and displaced lives of an additional 4,000,000 Iraqi civilians.

Suppose that one of those good responsible American kids that died for Bush’s cluelessness was your own son. Horrible as the consequences of War are, wouldn’t you want to know that a loved one who paid its ultimate price did it for good reason, not just part of a failed attempt on the part of a Republican president to make himself more popular that will end up working almost entirely to Iran’s advantage?

Unfortunately, I don’t have to make up phoney material like the writers of the desperate emails you have received. W Bush and the Republican leadership have supplied volumes of shameful, un-American activity to comment on.

Bush and the Republicans ran our country deeply into debt, failed to take care of business in Afghanistan, and promoted a useless war in Iraq because they thought it would be an easy quick win that would make the president more popular.

Some Republicans are now considering voting for more of this nonsense! What are they thinking?

Remember that John McCain voted for 90 percent of Bush’s nonsense and now runs for president by discrediting the mistakes of the Bush years.

Real leadership would not be so slow to finally wake up to what the majority of Americans figured out years ago.

Bush’s big government warmongering to promote democracy and American hegemony in places far from our shores and national interests has nothing to do with real conservatism. Real Americans know that our Founding Fathers warned us against such international entanglements and advised this country to be involved with the world while striving, as far as possible, to be on good terms with all other nations.

The Founding Fathers also wrote a good constitution that clearly limits the Federal government to the job of looking after the welfare of the American people, not burning through their resources in a deluded and unconstitutional attempt to manage the whole world’s affairs.

The mindlessness of the Republican Party under its current president and current candidates can only be sustained by an equivalent mindlessness on the part of uninformed voters and so we have this mindless campaign of email gobbledygook. The poor souls who find meaning in such empty nonsense are little better than the trailer trash that gets its trills from the Jerry Springer Show.

Jerry Springer branch of the Republican party that sent people emails are not real conservatives, whose ability to take responsibility for themselves, comes out of an informed ability to think for themselves.

Real Americans know that the greatness of this nation is derived from the strength and intelligence of its citizens in concert with the loftiness of the ideals they hold high.

The corrupt Bush/Rove years saw too much advantage taken, both of good people and the empty headed. It led to the displacement of honorable civic discourse by the focus on vile monologue and intent for too many good Americans.

Now the ignorance of foreign policy displayed by McCain/Palin, the ignorance of economics displayed by McCain/Palin and the ignorance of the Anglo-American system of law displayed by Sarah Palin leaves it virtually certain that ignorance will rule supreme should Americans be ignorant enough to reelect the Republicans this year.

The ignorance exhibited in these emails only certifies that perspective.

The sad writer of certain emails clearly lacks the intelligence to understand the big government deficits Republicans have inflicted on America over the past 8 years will reduce our nation’s security and burden the children and grandchildren of our generation with the consequences of this generation’s irresponsibility.

Shame on anyone who votes for this Republican shackling of America’s future to more and more debt. Shame on any presumed adult who shackles the next generation to more and more Republican debt and mismanagement long before most of those young Americans are able to have any say in the matter. There is not much difference between anyone who indulges in such shameful conduct and that of any other form of negligent parenting that sell its own children into an indentured future.

No wonder the terrorist enemies of America did what they could to get George W. Bush re-elected in 2004 and, as indicated on their websites, would do the same to keep Republicans in charge of this country after this election. A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote against America’s well-being and the terrorists and enemies of America know that.

The writers of those emails continue to provide more evidence that the Republican Party no longer has reason to be reinstated at the helm of this great nation. They now have to resort to arguing for ignorance and small-mindedness to try to win votes from people influenced by such drivel. Sad, little attempts to manipulate people by the use of misinformation and appeals to the lowest common denominator are unworthy of a great nation, and for that reason such Republicans should be driven from its offices.

There have been times, and more than once, when the Republican Party was able to produce great and good leaders. Such has been its shameful conduct under Bush/Rove, that now is not one of those times. If you genuinely care about the Republican Party, than the best thing you can do to help it regain the character worthy of this great nation is to vote out of office the current flock of parasites and idiots that took control and ruined that once great organization. They have worked hard to deserve to a couple years in the woodshed. If you deprive them of that, you only encourage more low-life behavior and consequent self-destruction.

If American people give them the banishment they have so richly earned, there’s a chance that after some reflection, some purging, and some healing, some grownups might be able to regain control of what was once a great and responsible American political organization.

Charles Edmund Coyote

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