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It Is The Story Of How The Bush Administration
Fumbled A Golden Opportunity To Capture OSAMA BIN LADEN
Just 3 Months After September 11
In The Opening Salvos Of AMERICA’S LONGEST WAR!

Gary Berntsen, a CIA operative, was helicoptered to Northeastern Afghanistan in late September with a team of 10 operatives and a large trunk crammed with $11,000,000 in $100 dollar bills.

America’s hired force in Nangathar would be led by the drug dealing warlord Haji Ghamsharik – a major heroin dealer the CIA had recently flown back from exile in France – and Hazret Ali, the Eastern Shura’s ‘Minister for Law and Order’ who was paid $250,000 for his help.

The CIA continued to press President Bush to send troops to the White Mountains – where bin Landen and much of his leadership were located – submitting daily intelligence that warned him ‘the back door is open’ for al-Qaeda’s escape, and that the Pakistani army units were not gathering at the nearby border to the south.

No troops were sent.

Bin Laden was in Tora Bora, but he escaped to Pakistan.

What really happened in Tora Bora?
(the single most consequential battle of the war on terrorism)