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April 10, 2009
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The Right-Wing Id Unzipped – By Mike Lofgren, TRUTHOUT
Mike Lofgren retired on June 17 after 28 years as a Republican staffer. He served 16 of those years as a professional staff member on the Republican side of both the House and Senate Budget Committees.

The Decline of America’s Great Power Status began when Bush ordered the attack on Iraq

Patrick Buchanan

Bush and the Shoe-thrower – Reverend WILLIAM E. ALBERTS

The Bush Administration’s Use of Torture

One of the most disgusting lows of the Bush Administration involved the conviction and sentencing of US Army prison guards for the Detainee Torture Program developed at the highest levels within the White House – Tim Reid,

Torture Advocates make America’s war on terror much more difficult – Brandon Friedman

Not only It Betrayed American Values, It also Doesn’t Work – Matthew Alexander (pseudonym), Air Force senior interrogator

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a “Banana Republic” is an unaccountable chief executive who ignores the rule of law when it suits his/her purposes – Steve Benen

A Therapist Explains why people listen to individuals such as Karl Rove and why this is so dangerous to America – Paul Levy, The Madness of George W. Bush, A reflection of Our Collective Psychosis

Bush Administration Aide says US knowingly jailed and tortured innocent people seized in Afghanistan – Democracy Now

Peggy Noonan, another former Reagan official, was the primary Speech Writer for both Presidents Ronald Reagan and H.W. Bush. In this article she explains why Sarah Palin was bad for the Republican Party and identifies why Palin represents a significant problem for America: an entire generation of citizens with little proper sense of inadequacy: A Farewell to Harms – PEGGY NOONAN, The Wall Street Journal




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