oil and energy crisis

November 6, 2008
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Oil prices near $35

VIDEO: When will the oil run out?

Oil ETF (exchange traded fund) as invest tools, good or bad?

Quicker than a ray of light oil prices are plunging

Global oil demand will fall this year and next

Cheaper oil won’t scuttle Obama’s efficiency plan

OPEC faces tough test as oil price tumbles

Recent High Oil Prices were a byproduct of Instability in the Middle East, and the declining value of the dollar, which, as anyone with an IQ higher than the average Bush follower can understand, has been caused by Bush and Cheney’s foreign policies and irresponsible deficits more than any other factor

Basic Economics of Oil Well

Congress begins to develop Comprehensive Energy Plan

Government Official Energy Statistics for Off-shore Drilling

Cheney admits lying about China drilling off the coast of Florida

G8 seeks oil output boost to stabilize prices

The view from the other side

Iran opposes any Saudi unilateral crude oil output increase

Saudi oil seems unlikely to ease pain at pump in US

More oil production is not the answer

Q&A: Why oil prices keep rising?

Oil prices raise cost of making a range of goods

Oil Barons continue to rape U.S. Economy

Restricting Drilling Offshore and its effects on global warming

Chief NASA Scientist says Oil Company CEO’s are criminally misleading the public about global warming

Bush helps bin Laden achieve oil price goal

Drilling through the Noise about Offshore Production

A Proposal to Unmask the Purpose of Iran’s Nuclear Program

American Energy Policy



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