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With more than 600 citations, ranging from insider memoirs to the accounts of journalists, former government officials, policy wonks, military leaders, and news broadcasters, Charles Edmund Coyote develops a coherent perspective on the Bush administration’s ‘War on Terror’ through the Afghan and Iraq Wars.

“IRAQ WAR 2003: What Really Happened Behind The Political Scenes” looks at the war that continues to trouble the undercurrents of American economic and political life like the haunt of a hungry ghost.

The Iraq war of 2003 was the greatest strategic blunder in US history. In the political arena some say we need to move forward and not dwell in the past.  However, we can avoid making similar mistakes in the future only if we are willing to learn from the ample lessons the unfortunate choices the Bush administration has provided. Most wars are preventable.

Halliburton - War ProfiteeringSome say, ‘Bush kept us safe’. What planet did they seceded to – Delusionus? Well, at least, a lot of people in the 6 counties surrounding Washington D.C., got rich!  The Iraq War of 2003 encapsulates much of what has gone wrong with that part of the country.

Coyote’s book IRAQ WAR 2003: What Really Happened Behind The Political Scenes ties together a considerable amount of information and provides a sober analysis of recent history that, although disturbing to those concerned about where our nation is going, also affords hope by reminding us of where we have been.

red bulletSun Tzu, the ancient philosopher of war stressed the importance of “Knowing Your Enemy”.  This being critical to victory in the War on Terror, Charles Edmund Coyote examines why was it that al-Qaeda attacked the US on September 11, 2001?

red bulletCould those attacks have been prevented?  What warnings from CIA, and most of America’s friends around the world preceded the terrorist attacks of 9/11 ignored by the George W. Bush’s administration and then used to attack Osama bin Laden’s natural enemy, Saddam Hussein, to the benefit of the government of Iran?

red bulletWhy were Mullah Omar, Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri allowed to escape? Many are aware of Mark Owen’s book “No Easy Day” and how Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. troops in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, but only a few are familiar with the details on how exactly the military bureaucracy under the Bush administration interfered with CIA doing its job.

red bulletWhy was al-Qaeda happy to learn that the Bush Administration planned to invade Iraq? What was Osama bin Laden’s strategic long-term plan for harming the USA and how did he succeed it? How did the Iraq war unwound largely principally to the benefit of al-Qaeda and the fundamentalist government of Iran?

red bulletHow did the War in Afghanistan, so successful in its opening weeks, become ‘The Long War’? What are the most effective methods for fighting terrorism?

red bulletHow did Saddam Hussein acquire his weapons of mass destruction and how long, in the face of serious consequences for doing so, did he hold on to them?

red bulletAmerica was prosperous and the federal government was working toward paying off its debts during the 1990′s. What exactly would take and how long to undo the initial mistakes on the “War on Terror”?

red bulletBased on an analysis of conservatism, the book explains why the neoconservatives are not conservatives. It is a must-read for those Republicans at-heart concerned over how their once party strayed from the main-street principles with which it once resonated.

“The compelling narrative of  ‘Iraq War 2003’ is written in the manner of a hard-to-put-down novel that unpacks detailed information, in a logical sequence, about a difficult time in modern American history”


“With its ‘mugged-by-reality’ reaffirmation of America’s potential to yet be ‘a shining city on a hill’, ‘Iraq War 2003’ may well become a classic on the subject of the Iraq War years”


Its first few chapters focus on the opening months of the Afghan War and bin Laden’s escape following the September 11 attacks; then segue into the invasion of Iraq, telling how that war unwound largely principally to the benefit of al-Qaeda and the fundamentalist government of Iran.

At a time when American institutions are becoming dangerously unmoored from their core responsibilities of self-correction and feckless politicians increasingly anchor themselves to powerful moneyed interests, Washington’s ideological neo-conservatives and neo-liberals work to deprive the United States of the grand-strategic advantage it once enjoyed, turning the America state into an institution more committed to the promotion of destabilizing change around world than sustaining the vital republican elements of America’s democratic experiment in self-government.

Patriotic concern, like imprisoned lightning, threads its way through the pages of this book, reminding its readers of the people, ideas, and inspirations that called that out for America to do its best.  As predicted by the economic historian, Paul Kennedy, the outcome of the internationalist policies and concurrent militarization the nation has been going through, along with the rampant exporting of middle class jobs, is bankrupting the United States and threatening to impoverish vast numbers of its citizens, an ancient pattern the world’s great powers have walked since the days of the Roman Republic.

IRAQ WAR 2003: What Really Happened Behind The Political Scenes”  is a must-read by anyone including those Republicans at-heart concerned over how their party strayed from the main-street principles with which it once resonated.


IRAQ WAR 2003: What Really Happened Behind The Political Scenes – Limited Discount Edition –


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