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Christopher Hitchens on Billy Graham, $cientology and religious hypocrisy:

Noam Chomsky-A GREAT SOUL

“The Jewish tradition puts it a different way, in the legend of the 36 “Just Men” who — without their knowing it — at any one moment keep humanity alive. If Noam is not one of those 36, I asked myself, who is?” – Fred Branfman

Following World War II, the US tried Japanese captors for war crimes against American POWs and hung those convicted of acts such as waterboarding –, St. Petersburg Times

Honda is learning to connect human thoughts directly to robotics – Yuri Kageyama

Pentagon Research to Regrow Soldier Limbs – Noah Shachtman, Danger Room

Tear Drop Monument donated by the people of Russia to honor the victims of 9/11 –

Hemp Bill Introduced In Congress – Ryan Grim

Worse than my darkest nightmare – Binyam Mohamed

Obama to arrive in Washington by train

Obama goes to inauguration with a train

Americans prefer news from Web to newspapers – survey

Arctic Sea will disappear

“Webcam” from Space is showing that Arctic Sea Ice will soon be gone

The passing of Posse Comitatus - Alan Nasser

Inventor builds She-3PO ROBOT: The “dream girl” is in her 20s with a stunning figure, pretty face and shiny hair and always happy to clean the house for “husband”


Russian scientists grow new that kills cancer instead of humans

How to get it done – Michael Phelps is in his own world

She becomes a mom in her 70: the world’s oldest woman to have a child

Oldest mother in the world

Talking to the poorest man in the world – The passing of Howard Hughes aid Robert Maheu

Report Debunks Theory That the U.S. Heard a Coded Warning About Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor


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