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July 18, 2008
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1. ‘Use It or Lose It’ (HR 6515): Voting 244-173, the House failed to reach a two-thirds majority needed to force oil companies to either drill on federally leased land or surrender drilling rights. A yes vote supported the bill.

2. Spy Budget, Energy (HR 5959): Voting 200-225, the House rejected an attempt to send the 2009 intelligence budget back to committee. A yes vote supported the motion to send the bill back to committee.

3. Medicare Veto Override (HR 6331): The House voted 383-41 to override President Bush’s veto of a bill canceling a cut in Medicare payments to doctors. A yes vote supported the override.

4. Impeachment Bid (H Res 1345): Voting 238-180, the House referred a bid to impeach President Bush to the Judiciary Committee. A yes vote supported the referral.

5. Backup Paper Ballots (HR 5803): Voting 248-170, the House failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed to authorize grants to buy backup paper ballots for this year’s elections. A yes vote supported the bill.


6. Bush Medicare Veto (HR 6331): The Senate voted 70-26 to override the veto of the Medicare payment reinstatement bill. A yes vote supported the override.


The House will take up bills on the U.S. housing crisis and highway and bridge inspections, while the Senate will debate the 2009 intelligence budget and a bill to better regulate energy-futures speculation.



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