Cezar Capone offered Sarah Palin $2 million for…

November 12, 2008
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The first job offer Sarah Palin got after elections involved a lot of cash:

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has received her first job offer since failing in her bid to become vice-president of the United States, and it comes with a large cash offer. Bill Fisher, AKA Cezar Capone initially offered 2 millions to Sarah Palin to appear in an adult film along with her husband. He also offered her husband Todd $100,000 and a new snowmobile if he’d partner up with his wife in the production. Fisher’s associates contacted The Sun Thursday to announce they were increasing the offer to $3 million with a lifetime supply of Alaskan king crab thrown in as a sweetener.

Despite attempts by various outlets to re-create the Sarah Palin character in several raunchy adult films, the real thing would likely be a much proffered scenario for tens of millions of her fans worldwide. Palin still hasn’t publicly responded to the offer, which was sent to her administration office in Juneau, Alaska, on Nov. 6.

We think that Capone is wasting his time.  Sarah Palin may be better looking that most of what Washington has to offer, and certainly she’s one of the most desirable women over forty, but she’s definitely not playboy material.

He wrote:

November 6, 2008
Governor Palin
Alaska State Capitol Building
Third Floor
P.O. Box 110001Juneau, AK 99811-0001

Dear Governor Palin:Please let this writing serve as an official request.

In light of the recent election results, Cezar Capone Productions would like to make you a formal offer of $2,000,000 to star in an adult “MILF” production.I am sure you are unaware that Cezar Capone is the KING of all “MILF” films. T

his one time offer also guarantees that you can walk away from our beautiful set with a newer and sexier wardrobe to make up for the $150,000 worth of clothes you had to give back to the GOP.You may be asking yourself why you should even consider such a crazy proposition?The answer is simple; this film will be shot in high definition, and be a glossy, adult production starring a beautiful mother recognized by all of America as well as the rest of the world -the most desirable woman over 40!

The film will be distributed internationally on DVD, as well as the website will reside on palinsupermilf.com.  Please do not take this offer in jest, as it is completely legitimate, we at Cezar Capone are prepared to put the money in escrow immediately.

We have taken into consideration that there may be some hesitation to star in an adult production with male talent other than your husband so we are also prepared to kick in an extra $100,000.00 for your husband Todd to star in the movie with you, along with a brand new Arctic Cat snowmobile for him to sweeten the deal.

We are anxiously awaiting your reply.

Cezar Capone



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