August 20, 2013



What’s the Evidence Behind the Case for War? - PHILIP GIRALDI

The politics of war and peace are a gold mine for Washington’s power players.  Why ‘This Town’ Loves Going to War – LEON HADAR, The American Conservative

On 9/11 we rightfully honor the dead and recall our anguish. But it is also a day to recognize that the way in which we respond to threats constitutes one the gravest perils to our national security.

After 9/11, Americans Undermined National Security - PETER GOODMAN, Executive Business and Global News Editor, The Huffington Post

Everybodys asking ‘What Should We Do About Korea’
Wrong Question – the Country is Broke and the Chinese probably won’t loan US the money to do anything about it:

North Korea Is Someone Else’s Problem: The U.S. shouldn’t focus on a country with little ability to strike America – DOUG BANDOW, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute (Doug Bandow is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, specializing in foreign policy and civil liberties. A former special assistant to Ronald Reagan, he has authored multiple books and his writing appears regularly in major outlets. Bandow holds a J.D. from Stanford)

What would you do if you had evidence of war crimes? What would you do if ‘following orders’ meant participating in grave abuses that you opposed? Would you have the courage to risk everything – even your life – to do the right thing? – NATHAN FULLER

A week ago today, Pfc. Bradley Manning surprised both detractors and supporters by reading a thirtysomething-page statement articulating the specific Whats, Hows and – most importantly – Whys  - MICHAEL McKEE

Why Bradley Manning has done more for American security than Seal Team Six: How State Secrecy Leads to War – CHASE MADAR


“…Consider: a member of the U.S. Senate, “the world’s most deliberative body,” thinks that it’s impermissible to actually deliberate foreign policy.
Add Ayotte’s exchange to Sen. John McCain’s confrontation with Hagel, in which McCain treated the arguable success of the Iraq surge as a priest would the historicity of the virgin birth, and we have the unmistakable voice of a school of foreign policy that operates more like an office of doctrinal enforcement.
These are dangerous people.”SCOTT GALUPO,
The  American Conservative


The Nobel Committee has been so flooded with emails that they do not accept them any more.  However, please sign this petition, and it will be delivered to them.

The American Conservative article points out Obama administration Oil policies essentially the same as Bush administration: Obama’s Empire of Oil

Democracy on the Brink – ROBERT HUNZIKER, Counterpunch

When Corporations Are Answerable Only to Themselves – PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

I lay awake nights thinking – I have published three books, and half a collection of essays, showing where we have gone wrong, predicting our eventual collapse—indeed, this repression is part of that collapse—and arguing that the U.S. no longer has a moral compass; that it is spiritually bankrupt. I run a blog that is anything but polite: it says the U.S. is finished; that it is essentially a corporate plutocracy, run by a gangster elite; that the American people are basically morons, with little more than fried rice in their heads; and that anyone with half a brain and the means to do so should emigrate before it’s too late: Slouching Towards Nuremberg – MORRIS BERMAN, Counterpunch

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April 13, 2013



PAUL JAY explains why Obama’s “bargain” on Social Security will Push More Retirees Into Poverty in Exchange for a Minor Increase in High End Income Tax.  CHAINED CPI INDEXING IS A FRAUD - MICHAEL HUDSON and PAUL JAY, Counterpunch



Shadow Government Statistics

Shadow Government Statistics – Analysis behind and beyond Government Economic Reporting

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June 30, 2012



Mainstream Media Absurdity


Interesting News

April 10, 2009


Christopher Hitchens on Billy Graham, $cientology and religious hypocrisy:

Noam Chomsky-A GREAT SOUL

“The Jewish tradition puts it a different way, in the legend of the 36 “Just Men” who — without their knowing it — at any one moment keep humanity alive. If Noam is not one of those 36, I asked myself, who is?” – Fred Branfman

Following World War II, the US tried Japanese captors for war crimes against American POWs and hung those convicted of acts such as waterboarding – PolitiFact.com, St. Petersburg Times

Honda is learning to connect human thoughts directly to robotics – Yuri Kageyama

Pentagon Research to Regrow Soldier Limbs – Noah Shachtman, Danger Room

Tear Drop Monument donated by the people of Russia to honor the victims of 9/11 – Snopes.com

Hemp Bill Introduced In Congress – Ryan Grim

Worse than my darkest nightmare – Binyam Mohamed

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Things Some People Worry About

August 29, 2008


America historically has been a living symbol of civic virtue. While our adoration by others is easily exaggerated, the idea of America has been powerful and enduring. For very many, it confirmed the possibility of achieving the good society. The vibrancy of the American ideal explains why the country has been accorded exceptional respect even when its actions did not warrant it. It is striking that the American idea survived slavery/lynchings, survived Hiroshima/Nagasaki, survived Vietnam.

Our crude, hypocritical policies in the Greater Middle East post 9-11 provide another stern test. The positive American image might even have survived that test – however impaired.

What it cannot survive is America’s assault on itself. Its self mutilation. For that makes it impossible for others to superimpose their dreams on what had been a reasonable approximation of the imagined American ideal. An America that no longer respects its truest self cannot hold the respect of people elsewhere. Bitter disenchantment is the residue. American “soft power” wafts away with the four winds. We have become ordinary.

Leaks and Winks – MICHAEL BRENNER


Based upon historical fact, the solution for America’s economic woes, and the survival of its democratic future, is avoidance/cancellation of Supply-side economic policy and a return to big government/Keynesian policy, like FDR, who grew the economy like a weed and added massive numbers of jobs when top marginal tax rates were 58%-to- 68%, antithetical to Reagan and Bush.

Reagan’s famous rhetorical “Get Big Government Off Our Backs” needs to be restated to: “Get Abusive Private Interests Off Our Backs.”
However, if Supply-side economics remain in play, democratic capitalism will be gone forever, and, over time, America will atrophy into a retrograde Banana Republic serving only aristocratic interests. For democratic capitalism to survive, America needs strength of big government, not a weak government serving only select private interests.

Supply-Side Mayhem – ROBERT HUNZIKER

Romney Confirms He Will Deny Insurance To Millions With Pre-Existing Conditions If Obamacare Is Struck Down

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