August 23, 2012

Good Republicans are walking away from what Bush, Rove and now McCain and Palin have done to their party – Arianna Huffington

The Republicans became Yesterday’s Party by abandoning much of what was best, not only in Ronald Reagan, but in America – The Party of Yesterday by Timothy Egan, New York Times

Nuclear War Possibility

The U.S. military could have plans to use Georgian air bases to launch air strikes against Iran, according to Russias envoy to NATO – Dmitry Rogozin

George Kenney interview of the late US Army General and former NSA Chief, William Odom, on Iraq and Iran and why the General worries that Iraq as the greatest strategic mistake that the United States has ever made

Worry about our president? In 1999, George W Bush, considering a run for the Presidency contracted with Houston Journalist Mickey Herskowitz for a ghost-written autobiography. No more than two months passed before Bush’s team of advisor’s dismissed Herskowitz. The gregarious governor was telling Mickey too much. What’s interesting about this Russ Baker interview with Mickey Herskowitz is the reasons Bush gave for wanting to attack a small country: he wanted to become more popular…

Worry about war with Iran? The Dutch intelligence service, the AIVD, has called off an operation aimed at infiltrating and sabotaging Iran’s weapons industry due to an assessment that a US attack on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program is imminent, according to a report in the country’s De Telegraaf newspaper on Friday.

ABOUT GEORGIA: What is the conservative perspective?

Bush cannot repeal history’s law that great powers are brought down by debt and economic failure – Rupert Cornwell

Now that George Bush has significantly drained US military resources with an irrelevant war and enriched the Russian economy with policies driving up the price of oil, nothing left to do but dine on crow

Reagan Republican’s Worry about Today’s Republican Party

What would be the negative implications of that?

Time to Quite Worrying about the Bums in Washington and Just Throw Them Out

Conservatives Worry about John McCain’s Foreign Policy

World Worries about United States because United States doesn’t Worry enough about the Rule of Law

Even politicians are not safe



August 22, 2012

How Goldman Sachs and Citi Run the White House – ANDREW COCKBURN

After being bailed out last year at an average cost of sixty-six cents for every dollar the taxpayers and their government’s Chinese financial backers loaned to them, Goldman Sachs is back to business as usual and the average Goldman broker will earn about $770,000 this year. That’s 30 percent better than last year when they were helping al Qaeda and Wall Street create the Great Recession – Margareta Pagano, Business Editor, The Independent

Pull Out of Iraq This Year and Begin Healing Our Own Bankrupted Land – GEORGE McGOVERN

Geithner’s Public-Private Investment Program is a rip-off of public funds which uses confusing rules and guidelines to conceal the shift of toxic garbage onto the public’s balance sheet – Mike Whitney

The trick is to keep the population from understanding the financial dynamics and the underlying fraudulent character of the debts with which it has been saddled – Michael Hudson

The Jobs Solution – Leo Hindery Jr. & Donald W. Riegle Jr.

Pay Attention to the Oil Rich Stans, People in Charge Do – Pepe Escobar,

Will ‘Trickle Down’ Banking Work Better than ‘Trickle Down’ Economics – Paul Abrams

Can Uncle Sam Ever Let Go? – Patrick J. Buchanan, Human

Former British diplomat tells of fundamental failure of transparency in government’s dash into the Costly Iraq War – Nigel Morris, Common


Was the Bailout a Scam?


Cuts for Autoworkers, Bonuses for Derivatives Traders – PETER MORICI

Americans Want Justice for Wall Street Crooks – RALPH NADER

Cramer show

It is time for a 0.5% Tobin Tax on Wall Street Speculators to repay the damage done to America’s economy: Watch Jim Cramer on ‘Daily Show’ – The Huffington Post

A Sellout of Our Unemployed – Patrick J. Buchanan

Public Health Insurance is Cheaper and More Effective – DEAN BAKER

Derivatives for Dummies – Katherine Harris

The Lazy Man’s Guide to the Economic Crisis – KATHY SANBORN


Ed Balls

Ed Balls: minister fears rise of fascism amid economic gloom

How the US Economy was Lost – PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

How Credit Unions Survived the Crash – RALPH NADER

Empire at the End of Its Rope – Alan Bock

How the Current Financial Rescue Schemes are Following Hoover’s Failed Model – Ismael Hossein-Zadeh

George Soros and Paul Volcker see no bottom for world financial ‘collapse’ – Reuters

Time Magazine’s ‘25 People to Blame for the Financial Crises’ falsely deflects blame away from Republicans and puts too much blame on Democrats – David Fiderer

President of Special Interests – PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS


Why America Needs Labor Unions – DAVID MACARAY

Nationalize the Banks! – Matthew Richardson and Nouriel Roubini

Trying to Revive the Bubble Economy – MICHAEL HUDSON

Tax Wall Street Speculation – RALPH NADER

Schemes to Rescue Wall Street Gamblers Are Prolonging this Recession – ISMAEL HOSSEIN-ZADEH

Intelligence czar: Economy is top threat to U.S

America Is Broke and Funding Fantasy Wars at the Pentagon – Chalmers Johnson

Stimulus, Yes; Bank Bailout II, No – Robert Kuttner

US Economy may not see full recovery – Counterpunch

The Freefalling Economy – P. SAINATH

How to Fix the Banks – PETER MORICI

GE chief warns US depression threat

It is imperative we not continue the same mistaken policies that got us into this economic mess – Christopher Hayes


The Stimulus Package Get rid of the tax cuts and use the entire package for job creation – Arianna Huffington

It’s no coincidence that many of the protagonists in the current business crisis are MBAs like George W. Bush – Joseph Davis

From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth – David Korten



Christina Romer

Obama Stimulus Plan:

Economic Team Makes The Case (VIDEO & PDF) – The Huffington Post

In the Jaws of a Depression – PETER MORICI

Geithner Preparing Overhaul Of Bailout

U.S. debt is losing its appeal for China

The Banks are laughing all the way to the Bank – Rob Larson

The media myth: Detroit’s $70-an-hour autoworker – Eric Boehlert, Media Matters

Auto industry workers

85,000 homes lost in October

More Pay for More Productivity is not only the American Way, it is an Essential Way to Bail Out the American Economy – Mike Whitney

Recognize contemporary free trading globalists and supply side economists for what they are: idiots at best, traitors at the worst

The Right Wing continues its Battle with Reality – Fox News: “Historians Pretty Much Agree” That FDR Prolonged the Great Depression – David Sirota

Pope warned that the world was headed toward ruin if selfishness prevails over solidarity during tough economic times for both rich and poor nations

Obama Warns Economy Will Worsen Before It Recovers

“We have faced difficult times before, times when our economic destiny seemed to be slipping out of our hands. And at each moment, we have risen to meet the challenge, as one people united by a sense of common purpose. And I know that Americans can rise to the moment once again.” BARACK OBAMA

Chrysler is closing all thirty of its plants for at least a month

Obama May Seek a Stimulus Plan Exceeding $850 Billion

California Lawmakers Kill Plan to Raise Taxes, Fight Deficit

Let Wall Street Fail and Use Taxpayer Money to look after those Not Responsible for the mess – A Car Dealer Explains Why the Bailout is a Raw Deal – Dave Lindorff

Bush Signals Swift Decision on Tapping Funds for GM, Chrysler

U.S. to use bank bailout to aid automakers

For some Senate Republicans, a vote against the bailout was a vote against the United Auto Workers, and against organized labor in general

Homelessness Rising In The US

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

Feds say it’s too dangerous to know where trillion has gone to?

VIDEO: RON PAUL on the global financial crisis


Senate Abandons Automaker Bailout Bid: Merry Christmas From The Job-Killing Senate GOP

Asian Carmakers Clobbered; Dollar Falls Below 90 Yen

The White House and Democrats agree to a $15-billion plan, but ‘bailout fatigue’ looms

The World-wide collapse of trust in the U.S. government, created by the Bush administration, threatens dollar hegemony – Paul Craig Roberts

One of the Significant Roots of our Current Recession lies with the Bush administration’s destruction of national and international trust in our institutions of government – Mike Whitney

Weak outlook for jobs, GDP in 2009

Obama unveils 21st Century New Deal: Jobs, Schools, Roads, Bridges… – December 06

US ready to offer Detroit a $15bn bail-out

Detroit industry

Nobel economics prize winner Paul Krugman says U.S. auto industry will likely disappear

To fight off the Republican Recession, the a U.S. Floods the World With More Dollars

The Causes of the Auto Crisis – Kevin Zeese

General Motors Asks FAA to Bar Public Tracking of Leased Corporate Jets

We Have the Money - If Only We Didn’t Waste Money on Military Budgets – Chalmers Johnson

The Triumph of Keynes - China’s Greatest Export – Moshe Adler

Bailout Lacks Oversight Despite Billions Pledged, and per Treasury Department Inspector General “It’s a mess”


Study says most corporations pay no U.S. income taxes

Economy contracts as consumers retreat. This is just the beginning of contraction,” said Sung Won Sohn, an economics professor at California State University, who said the fourth quarter will certainly show another decline in economy, which would meet the traditional definition of recession, or back-to-back quarters of falling activity

How inflation works

The day the foreign bankers turn off the credit spigot to the US Treasury, American arrogance will be tamed – the ‘Father of Reaganomics’, Paul Craig Roberts

VIDEO: RON PAUL after the House was pressured to vote in favor of the bailout

How is our financial crisis affecting Europe?

America faces this present day of reckoning because of the failure of its citizens to understand where the country’s leadership have been taking us – Pat Buchanan

By now you think we would have learned, that when George Bush says we must act quickly, that means its best we take the time necessary to think it though – Michael Hudson on the Bailout

The Financial Mess simply explained

America has become a country whose foreign policy goal is world hegemony and may continue on this path to self-destruction until the rest of the world no longer finances its existence -Reagan Economist Paul Craig Roberts

Some say that we were very close to a stalled economy, markets were 500 trades away from meltdown – Almost Armageddon

THIS MAN may have the best LONG TERM solution to the economic crisis!

Whats ahead for the US economy? Read why the ‘Father of Reaganomics’ Considers A Temporary Respite from Permanent Decline…

How You Been Doin? – Are You Better Off Now than Eight Years ago?

VIDEO: ECONOMY IN CRISIS? Treasury Sec. Paulson, Fed Chair Bernanke

In view of the bailings out and the economic hard time, watch the two videos “Money as Debt” and “Masters of Money”, which beautifully trace the origins of political and financial structure which rules, and what we can do to protect our families from big recession or great depression

Warren Buffet Worries about High U.S. Debt levels

Two-thirds of U.S. companies and foreign firms doing business in this country paid no federal income taxes from 1998 to 2005, according to a study by the Government Accountability Office

28 percent of large corporations doing business in the U.S. pay no taxes



August 22, 2012

Barack Obama’s weekly address

McCain: I pledged to him [Obama] tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us…

Finally, January 20th is here!

01/03/09: President-elect Obama’s Weekly Address

Obama “saddened” and “sobered” by Blagojevich

Unemployed and Hungry in the US

Iraq gets ready for the Yanks to go home – Patrick Cockburn

America can’t give up NATO because, if we did, we would no longer be the “indispensable nation” – Patrick J. Buchanan

If one violates the values we hold dear, we jeopardize our troops – General David Petraeus

US Aircraft Opens Fire on Sons of Iraq Members – Ernesto Londoño

Crew commander Captain Jonathan Bayless, assigned to Minot AFB during August 2007 illegal transfer of nuclear warheads to Louisiana for an operation in the Middle East, found dead – Associated Press

Freeman Affair Puts Israel Lobby in Spotlight – Daniel Luban & Jim Lobe

Cheney and Bush

VP Dick Cheney outraged President Bush didn’t grant ‘Scooter’ Libby full pardon – Thomas M. Defrank

Can Congress walk and chew gum at the same time? – Ralph Nader

Empire at the End of Its Rope – Alan Bock

WHAT IF the American People and US Conservatives were to Wake Up?

Internal Justice Department Torture Report possible trouble For Bush Lawyers – Michael Isikoffn, NEWSWEEK


National Security Team Delivers Grim Appraisal of Afghanistan War – Craig Whitlock

Obama, Bush and the Unlearned Lesson of Watergate – Paul Abrams

Al-Qaeda’s Consternation over Obama – Joby Warrick

The left had it good under George Bush! – Alexander Cockburn


Last Secrets of the Bush Administration

On Bush legacy tour, media often just along for the ride

Historical Mystery of Bush’s Presidency

A long oppressed people have raised up a president – Peggy Noonan

SOCRATES: “Without reflection there is no experience” An Unreflective Man – Pat Buchanan


History Cannot Save Him – Helen Thomas

The total cost of sending a single soldier to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan is about $775,000 per year – Robert Bryce

Conyers Failure to Impeach – David Swanson

Prosecuting Bush and Cheney- Dave Lindorff

Skeletons on the Closet; the Life of George W. Bush – Jeffrey St. Clair

The Difficulty of Being an Informed American – PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

President Bush was given an Iraqi-style sendoff on his last full day in office

Huffington Post


David Shuster reporting on new information involving Dick Cheney in the CIA leak case. Shuster fails to state that this reporting came from Murray Waas

Shoe-Thrower Garners Praise

Each Shoe Was Worth a Thousand Words – PATRICK COCKBURN

shoe thown at BushBlack size 10 shoes of Iraqi journalist already COST $10,000,000

Last week, with President-elect Obama’s blessing, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the beginning of a troop “surge” in Afghanistan. Kinzer puts forth a new approach to Afghanistan

Breaking the Mainstream Stranglehold on News – Joshua Frank

Guantanamo Bay

Decisions made by former Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld were a “direct cause” of widespread detainee abuses at Guantanamo Bay

Look what the Republican Party now stands for: “opposition to American working men and women, the channeling of trillions of dollars to the richest Americans, hatred of gays, hatred of immigrants, continued smoldering racism, opposition to desperately needed health care reforms, opposition to all environmental protections, spitting hatred for science, hatred for public schools, hatred of all those who are not fundamentalist Christians, support for torture, support for rendition, and support for the fantastically corrupt Bush-Cheney regime. The conservative cancer is the perpetuation of all the worst features of American life–intolerance, fear, prejudice, and tribalism.” – Miller Rampant

Bush sneaks through host of laws to undermine Obama. The lame-duck Republican team is rushing through radical measures, from coal waste dumping to power stations in national parks, that will take months to overturn

John McCain refused to say that he would back Sarah Palin if she runs for president in 2012

An unpublished federal history of the U.S.A: Reconstruction of Iraq depicts the effort as crippled by poor planning, waste and deception, leading to a $100 billion failure

Emanuel Had Contact With Governor’s Office on Senate Seat

Colin Powell: I think that the party has to take a hard look at itself and should also stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?

The GOP’s deep hole: What Republicans need now is a leader and a message that resonate with minority and young voters

The World-wide collapse of trust in the U.S. government, created by the Bush administration, threatens dollar hegemony – Paul Craig Roberts


As his failed Presidency blunders to an end, President-reject Bush tries to rewrite history

Letter to Sean Hannity – Deepak Chopra

How the U.S. has represented itself during its military interventions to ‘promote democracy’ – Nick Turse

Disgusting Republican News

Finally, some of the few remaining intelligence voices in the Republican Party are starting to reemerge – Senator Chuck Hagel comments on Rush Limbaugh, etc

Senator Hagel

Poll: 64% Of Republicans Want Palin To Run In 2012!

William Ayers in his own words

Springsteen Rips Bush Administration. Springsteen asserts that even a thousand (domestic enemies and useful idiots) such as Cheney and Bush could not be able to keep this great country down. Let’s hope he is right. Those two have done a lot of damage

Let’s Put the Neocons in Prison, where appropriate, and Tell Everybody ‘We Won’; Of Generals and Victories – Pat Buchanan

An Open Letter to Christian Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

Endorsements:Colin Powell wanted Obama, al-Qaeda preferred John McCain – Ivan Eland

NOV 3rd, 08: Obama leads McCain in 6 of 8 key states

Programmer reveals how the Republican Party was able to cheat in the 2004 Ohio Presidential Election

On Russia Palin Passes “Neocon 101″

Neoconservatives plan “Project Sarah Palin” to shape future American foreign policy

Two-thirds of U.S. companies and foreign firms doing business in this country paid no federal income taxes from 1998 to 2005, according to a study by the Government Accountability Office

Congress begins to develop Comprehensive Energy Plan

U.S. Government Official Energy Statistics for Off-shore Drilling

“Those who can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Benjamin Franklin

Votes for Sale!

Obama explains change of position on FISA

FISA: New Surveillance Law undermines Free Press

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold on the FISA revisions

An Israeli or American strike on Iran would destabilize Iraq – Patrick Cockburn

No great power should ever give a small ally a blank check to drag it into war - Pat Buchanan

We can’t have both empire ­­and a booming economy – Dr Michael Hudson, Economist

Brian Cloughley – It’s not going well in Afghanistan

Here is another W for President

Obama’s position on FISA

More Republicans wish President would just stay home



June 25, 2012

This is the Archives section. The question is how much things have really changed?

Consider George Bush’s and Sarah Palin’s characteristics as politicians and would-be leaders – Rachel Weiner

Sarah Palin

The Ill-Logic that Influences Overlooking Bush’s administration of Lies – David Swanson

Then there are those best fitted to an ‘audience not yet graduated in the school of the rights of men’ (Edmund Burke), who nevertheless run for national office – Top 10 quotes of 2008, by the editor of the Yale Book of Quotations

Hey Karl, Thanks

The troubled soul of the Straight Talk Express – Eugene Jarecki

VIDEO: Obama has proposed a tax increase on the 5 percent of taxpayers who make more than $250,000 a year and advocates tax cuts for those who make less.

VIDEO: McCain was asked at a townhall meeting if it was fair for the rich to pay more in taxes. Here’s was his answer: “When you reach a certain level of comfort, there’s nothing wrong with paying somewhat more”

McCain vs McCain: McCain admitted that he doesn’t think Barack Obama is a socialist which runs counter to most of his campaign rhetoric for the past week
Are the accusations of registration fraud against ACORN right?

Colin Powell wants Obama, al-Qaeda prefers John McCain – Ivan Eland

Why al Qaeda supports John McCain - Jon Soltz

McCain’s Erratic Healthcare Strategy – R J Eskow

Dangerous plan for health care – Roger Hickey

Paul Krugman is a professor of economics and international affairs at Princeton University and the 2008 winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics for ‘his analysis of trade patterns’. Paul Krugman reveals in interview that Phil Gramm (McCain’s economic advisor) could cause next GREAT DEPRESSION

McCain vs McCain: McCain had supported Bush’s idea of taking everyone’s SOCIAL SECURITY money and invest into the same firms that are now in need of bailing out. Thank God it failed back then…

VIDEO: Even conservatives agree that McCain’s campaign is stupid. If McCain wasted so many millions of campaign money and cannot lead a meaningful race for the White House, can he lead our country?

VIDEO: Do you want more wars? Pick your city!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is guilty of abuse of power, according to a probe by the state legislature

McCain’s Erratic Healthcare Strategy - R J Eskow>

If the whole world could vote, who they would vote for?? In 181 countries in the whole world people have voted 87.5% for Obama (113,054 votes), 12.5% for McCain (16,185 votes). Check for the newest poll

VIDEO: McCain says “if I were a dictator, which I always aspired to be…” Does this remind you of Bush saying “dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier as long as I am the dictator”??

VIDEO: People familiar with situation know that they were not that close. However, desperate results lead to desperate measures…but “it’s the economy, stupid”

A major cause of the current banking meltdown, was the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, a move lead by John McCain’s economic advisor Phil Gramm, but supported by both Republicans and Democrates – William Kaufman

The Islamists realize that the more they threaten America, the more republicans win and help the terrorists achieve their goals of bankrupting the country!

CIA analysis at the time of the 2004 election suggested Osama bin Laden’s interests were in line with Bush’s reelection because…

Former Reagan Official Paul Craig Roberts predicts with “almost total certainty if John McCain gets in office… a NUCLEAR WAR is not something that will happen in the next fifty years, it’s going to happen in the next two or three years”


But Who is this Dr. Roberts?

Randy Scheunemann is the principal foreign policy adviser to John McCain. WHAT IS SCHEUNEMANN’S OTHER IDENTITY?

McCain Warns of “Hard Struggle” on the “Iraq-Pakistan”(?) Border

We do not believe that Senator McCain doesn’t care; he just doesn’t know. Meanwhile, a new analysis of his donors and advisers has found McCain has extensive ties to eighty-three lobbyists of the financial industry he’s been criticizing. According to Mother Jones magazine, the eighty-three include McCain’s chief political adviser, Charlie Black; his national finance co-chairman, Wayne Berman,appointed by president Bush as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Policy; and his vice-presidential search director, Arthur Culvahouse

Genuine Conservatism means respect for the American Constitution, Fiscal Responsibility, and a Strong National Defense as opposed to the strong national aggression of Military Interventionism. Dr. Roberts is every bit as offended as we are that millions of Americans are being duped, and are allowing themselves to be duped, into thinking that is still what they are getting from today’s Republican Party

Is War With Russia on the Agenda? Dr. Roberts maintains that the Big-government neocons of the Bush administration and McCain candidacy have broken every agreement that Ronald Reagan made with the Soviet Union, and that we are rapidly moving toward a completely unnecessary nuclear collision with Putin’s Russia, a conflagration many of the neocons seriously believe we can win! Can any country “win” a nuclear armageddon??

WHAT WOULD REAGAN DO? – Reagan Administration Official discusses Neo-Cons

Karl Rove knows that varying the types of lies used and not taking them “too far” keeps most people from detecting their existence. Karl Rove wasn’t annoyed with McCain for lying but rather for his amateur way of doing so…

VIDEO: Protestants outside the Republican Convention show their displeasure, while at the same time Ron Paul, who had organized his own rally across the river, accuses Washington for escalating the Georgia-Russia conflict by offering NATO membership and military consultation to Georgia.  The effort that begun with this man has transpired to long and lasting movement!

Attacks on First (right to assemble and petition) and Fourth (reasonable search and seizure) Amendments of the Bill of Rights at RNC in St. Paul


Republican Party Today

April 10, 2009



The Right-Wing Id Unzipped – By Mike Lofgren, TRUTHOUT
Mike Lofgren retired on June 17 after 28 years as a Republican staffer. He served 16 of those years as a professional staff member on the Republican side of both the House and Senate Budget Committees.

The Decline of America’s Great Power Status began when Bush ordered the attack on Iraq

Patrick Buchanan

Read more


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