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The goal and mission of The Coyote Report:

The information America’s citizens are getting from mainstream media, right wing talk radio, and major network news is often misinformative.

For example, on a recent Monday (September 15, 2008), right wing entertainer, Russ Limbaugh inveighed about how the nation’s current financial crises had been caused by regulatory policies advocated by the Democratic Party.

The following day (Tuesday, September 16 2008), Limbaugh railed about how George Bush’s efforts to better regulate the American economy had been derailed by the Democratic Party and that the current economic meltdown was all Bill Clinton’s fault.

Sadly, millions of Americans, proudly call themselves “ditto heads” and are unable to distinguish this kind of radio comedy from reality.

A handful of large corporations have taken control of much of the mass media in America.  Finding one’s way through the blandness, sanitation and deception served up as ‘news’ can make it difficult to obtain the perspective essential to a functioning democracy.

Good journalism is still being done, but is no longer being regularly served up to America’s citizens.

It is the intent of The Coyote Report to point out good journalism and to do so from a conservative political perspective.  By this, we do not mean the phony ‘conservatism’ emanating out of Washington and strangling this country, but one that supports the US Constitution (the Rule of Law), fiscal responsibility (not Bushanomics), and a strong national defense (not neocon national offense). The book “W got his war” also explains why the neocons and the Bush administration are not genuine conservatives.

We welcome those who love this nation (liberals and real conservatives), choose to be informed, and are willing to participate in a reasoned discussion about the serious problems facing this nation; most of which have been self-inflicted by the current administration.

Those searching for the Rush Limbaugh comedy hour will have to look elsewhere:

Rush Limbaugh: the worst PHONY-CON DECEIVING SOPHIST

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be ~~ Thomas Jefferson


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