A Compilation of World Reactions to Obama Win

November 6, 2008
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Obama won it the old-fashioned way: he earned it – Peggy Noonan

President Obama will be inheriting from Bush the inbox from hell

Damn, I love Americans. Just when you’ve written them off as hopeless, as a nation in decline, they turn around and do something extraordinary, which tells you why the United States of America is still the greatest nation on earth. But too, what is happening in America and Kenya holds lessons for politicians everywhere, and South Africa would do well to take heed. – A journalist from South Africa writes

Obama’s Inner Circle Shares Inside Story

When I voted for Barack Obama, I voted for America – Frederick L. Shelton

Watch an extensive compilation of VIDEOS on Obama’s win

Virtual World celebrates Obama’s win

Brown and Cameron in Obama clash

From Canada.com: Obama is one extraordinary individual in which the world has invested enormous hope.”

Tears of joy as history is made

Obama and the world

From hip hop linguistics

From UK: Obama gave just the right speech

Iraqis are divided on election results

From Russia with love rockets and best wishes for Obama

“It would be easier to work with people with a modern outlook, rather than those whose eyes are turned back to the past,” Medvedev said in February. What Russians are thinking now??

Iranians hope Obama lives up to his name

Iran warns U.S. military after Obama win

Ahmadinejad offers congratulations to Obama

Europeans cheer Obama victory

Georgians seemed to largely prefer the more bellicose Sen. McCain

Views from ANTIWAR.COM

Absentee voters in Israel backed McCain

Iraq VP is hoping that the promise of “change” will not be limited to U.S.

Iraq Cabinet Chief believes the U.S. policy will remain the same

Middle Eastern countries hail Obama amid mixed expectations of change

Lebanon and Syria hope for change under Obama

MWCnews.net: World reactions

China reacts cautiously

A Jewish salute to Obama for inspiring ethnic pride

The Al Qaeda dilemma

Germany’s got a crush on Obama

Reconciling the US with itself and the world should thus be the twin priorities for America’s next president. If there is one candidate who can accomplish this, who can contribute, in a split second, to restoring America’s international reputation, it is the Democratic candidate Barack Obama. – A writer from Lebanon

Syrians Celebrate Obama Election

Feelings after election day…

passed out after elections

From BestSyndication.com

Celebrities, including an unexpected one, celebrate Obama’s win

From Business Day

FROM CBCnews.ca

FROM CANADA.COM: World leaders celebrate

Gordon Brown joins world leaders in welcoming Obama

Election 2008 results

World hails Obama’s ‘brilliant’ victory

How really the presidential candidates stand on important issues?



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